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We Offer a Full Circle Rating Audit


CPA offers a bespoke business rates mitigation service for our clients.


Every case is risk assessed to ensure no negative outcomes. 

Our fee is based on a performance driven structure, with no upfront costs, and no charge whatsoever on an unsuccessful appeal.


The business rates industry is constantly changing, and important details are easily overlooked. Our robust review is the most efficient way to guarantee the lowest possible business rates for your company. 

A Complete, thorough review


We'll keep you up to date while we're working on your case, but contact can be frustrating when there's always someone different reaching out. Which is why you'll only ever have one account manager with us. 

A Dedicated account manager


After a quick call from your account manager to get a few details, we'll take care of the rest. We'll do everything we can in the background to secure you savings, so sit back and relax while we get you a result

Everything handled on your behalf


If we can't find you a saving on your business rates, then there isn't a saving to be found. There's no hidden costs and no upfront fee's, you won't pay for our services if we're unsuccessful. It's as simple as that. 

Entirely No Win No Fee business model


We deleve deep into the past, examining the progression of rates throughout all rating lists. This ensures any past discrepancies are identified and adressed, securing potential refunds and setting the stage for accurate future assessments. 

Historic Audit


When disputes arise about rateable values or other related matters, we represent your intetests at Valuation Tribunal (VT) hearings. These are independent panels that provide a resolution when disagreements between ratepayers and valuation officers occur. 

VT Hearings


Navigating the world of reliefs can be daunting. We assist in identifying which reliefs your're eligible for and ensure that applications are submitted correctly and promptly, potentially saving significant sums. 

Relief Applications 


The CCA is a three-stage system to challenge rateable values. 
- Check: We verify that the property details held by the VOA are accurate.
- Challenge: If there's a discrepancy, we provide evidence and make a case to adjust the rateable value.
- Appeal: If the challenge isn't resolved to your satisfaction, we take it to the Valuation Tribunal for resolution.

Check, Challenge, and Appeals (CCA) Process

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