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Meet Our Team

Steering the ship with visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, our directors embody the heart and soul of our company's mission and values.

Our Directors

Driving innovation in the commercial property sector and supporting the growth of our outstanding team are the true highlights of my role at CPA.

David Tanswell

 Founder & CEO

Working with a team of such highly skilled and hard working individuals is a joy.

Ben Sayer

Managing Director

My favorite part of the job is untangling data to gain insights for business growth and identifying opportunities for development.

Daria Gavrilova

Director of Data and Marketing

I am passionate about building new projects and processes with a client-centric approach, ensuring that every solution is tailored to meet our clients' unique needs and objectives.

Jess Bennet 

Commercial Director 

Client Audit Team

The backbone of our operations, our team of account managers ensure everything runs smoothly, supporting our clients with exceptional dedication

My greatest joy of my role comes from leading my team and assisting them in generating savings for our clients helping businesses thrive.

Joe Crow

Client Relations and Audit Manager

My favourite part of the job is achieving our clients a saving and helping their business.

Bradley Sweet 

Account Manager

My favourite part of my Job is speaking to a variety of different people each day

Layla Nash

Account Manager

My favourite part of my job is interacting with my clients and achieving savings on the business taxes payable.


Account Manager


With a knack for understanding client needs, our team expertly guides our customers to solutions that drive their financial success with business rates mitigation.

My favourite part of my role is the dynamic and complex nature of the Business Rates market. Every day presents new opportunities and challenges, allowing me to leverage my skills to facilitate successful engagement and contributing to the success of our clients' businesses.

Jeremy Field

Sales Manager

My favourite part of the job is helping people to save money on their business rate bills no matter how big or small.

Simon McDonald

Business Development Executive

I enjoy speaking to potential customers building strong relationships and most importantly saving them money. We have great team that always put the customers best interest at the centre of everything .

John Britnell

Business Development Executive

Helping people. doing a good job and listening to people on the phone who are excited to speak to me.

Julian Grant

Business Development Executive

I like speaking to new people and businesses on a daily basis I also enjoy problem solving to achieve the maximum amount of saving for our clients i see this a challenge sometimes however one that i do enjoy.

Chris Smart

Business Development Executive

The best thing about the job is working with a close knitted and great team! Smashing targets and living the dream!

Finley Carter

Business Development Executive


Masters of data analysis,our team transforms numbers into actionable insights, fueling our strategies, decision-making and exceptional business rates reviews.

It's a great environment for taking a creative approach and leveraging technology towards solving business problems.

Archie Lister

Lead Developer

As a Data Administrator, I thrive on transforming complex data into actionable insights for successful business rate negotiations. My role is a blend of challenge and innovation, ensuring precision and excellence in our services, directly contributing to our clients' success."

Tom Lexton

Data Administrator


Precision and expertise define our surveyor’s work, delivering top-tier surveying services that clients trust and rely on.

I am thrilled to represent CPAas a leading firm specialising in business rates and rent reviews. Leading our dynamic team, I am committed to delivering unparalleled service and expert guidance tailored to your commercial property needs.

David Waldron

Head of Surveying

As a surveyor, I take pride in navigating the complexities, unlocking opportunities, and ensuring that every assessment reflects not just bricks and mortar, but the true essence of economic potential. Transforming data into informed decisions, I find fulfillment in contributing to the fiscal success and sustainability of businesses.

Louis Mott

Senior Surveyor

I enjoy negotiating back and forth with the Valuation Office and most importantly, I love reducing tax for businesses

James Cottam


The best part about my role is the variety of my day to day and being apart of the business growth and future projects!

Faye Aspinall


My favourite part of the job is taking our data and turning it into effective routes for site inspections. This can be challenging but is most often very satisfying!

Georgia Donovan

Surveyor Support Lead

I love working for the surveyors. Their knowledge of the subject matter is extensive and complex- they're very geeky!

Clare Smith

Surveyor Support


Driven by CPA's core values, our marketing team excels in connecting with business owners and financial controllers through compelling and clear communication. We blend creativity with data to spotlight our unmatched business rates expertise, ensuring every message reflects our commitment to service and transparency.

I like the variety of work - networking and presenting, designing, and writing - that I wouldn't get to do anywhere else.

Mark Chatwood

PR and Marketing Representative

I like exploring business rates, driven by a desire to uncover and disseminate transformative ideas from a progressive CPA's viewpoint, advocating for equitable economic practices

Peter Foley

Head of Copywriting

I enjoy the diverse tasks and challenges in my role, which broaden my knowledge and skills, making my work engaging and aiding my professional growth.

Georgina Jones 

Business Support/Administrator

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