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My aim is to assist companies of all shapes and sizes in mitigating their business rates costs, and only charge for my services if a saving is achieved. 

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David Tanswell

Managing Director

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I strive to push the business forward to become a market leader in customer service and in the financial results that we achieve for our clients. 

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Ben Sayer, BA (Hons)

Operations Director

Sales Team
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Adam Dew

Sales Team Manager

My goal is to promote transparency throughout the services of CPA and honest communication in all customer relations. 

Our sales team are responsible for acquiring new business through a very informed and consultative approach. The personal touch is key and all of our staff are trained to a very high standard and are guided by the RICS code of conduct

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Alex Newman

Business Development Executive

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Derek Maddocks

Business Development Executive


Annabel Pfeiffer

Regional Property


Derek Organ

Business Development Executive

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Jon Hill

Business Development Executive


Edward Flannigan

Regional Property

Operations Team

Our team of dedicated account managers handle a multitude of responsibilities, all geared towards providing the very best customer service. They liaise with the council, keep track of your savings, manage all your data securely and confidentially as well as conducting your rating audit.

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Jessica Bennett

Operations Manager

My goal is to achieve the best opportunity for all our clients and here in the back office we maintain strict protocols and procedure to keep everything running smoothly.

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Harrison Scaum

Account manager

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Joe Crow

Account manager

Man of many interests 

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Jodi Knapp

Account manager

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Nigel Ward

Account manager

Surveying Department
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James Barnes

Head of Surveying
Chartered Surveyor/ Registered Valuer


The CPA surveyors are all specialists in the business rates sector and manage to convert a majority of the cases they handle into tangible savings on our client’s behalf.

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Clare Smith

Surveyor Assistant

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Louis Mott

Graduate Surveyor

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Robert Bryan-Smith

Graduate Surveyor

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Michael Gittins

Senior Surveyor

Data and Marketing Department

Our data analysis and research is cutting edge and contributes massively towards our high conversions.

By the time you have heard from us, we will already be confident that we can deliver on our ambition to save you money.

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Ruori McMahon

Digital Marketing Manager

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Peter Foley

Chief Copywriter

Pete and his "man's best friend"


I focus on the development of digital technologies to improve business processes, value for customers and innovation.

Daria Gavrilova, BSc, MA

Director of Data and Marketing 

Sharp shooter in the meantime

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Archie Lister

Data sorcerer

Affiliates Department
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Jess Clarke

Affiliates Manager

I am an expert in profiling the needs of any business that wants to economise and improve its credentials. I identify the ways in which affiliate businesses can help our clients work more efficiently and ultimately save money

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Our newest department now offers an incredibly efficient way of reviewing all of your business out-goings, in a quick and pain free 10 minute phone call.

You can learn more about our Business Health Check here.