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Will Boris's "can do " spirit lead to a successful Brexit?

Political opinions on the consequences of Brexit, deal or no-deal, range from shroud-waving doom-mongering to Pollyanna-ish optimism. Where does the truth lie?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is sure of just two things: trading conditions will continue to be challenging, and firms must do everything possible to control their overheads, particularly business rates.

This is a view shared by the 69,000 UK enterprises currently queuing up have their rates appealed, and CPA recommends businesses to contact them without delay, to take advantage of its worry free no win no fee service.

In these uncertain times, one ray of light is the high success rate of CPA's appeals, leading to savings of thousands for its - often pleasantly surprised- clients. 

CPA's high satisfaction rating is no doubt due to its record of keeping clients aware of developments, at every stage of the appeals process.

CPA is no less committed to helping the survival of the high street, than its clients  are to controlling the bugbear of their business rates bills.

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