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Will 2020 see business rates replaced?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) welcomes the long-awaited Report of the all-party Treasury Committee into business rates.

Like motherhood and apple pie, it is hard to disagree with the Report's description of business rates as "broken", together with their notorious habit of always outstripping inflation. Additionally, they are a disincentive to investment, since physical improvements to premises will invariably lead to the presumption of increased turnover, and hence increased rates bills.

However, CPA notes that the Treasury Committee states that "further work is needed to re-model the proposals (for reform)." In other words, change to the rating system is still shrouded in vagueness.

CPA points to the 16,000 outstanding appeals lodged with the VOA, and urges businesses to aim for reductions , via professional advice, before appeals are thoroughly logjammed.

Is it better to take professional advice, when appealing rates bills? 

CPA thinks it is, since an experienced eye can see lines of appeal invisible to those unversed in the technicalities of surveys and official proformas. And CPA's no win no fee service eliminates financial risk. CPA will respond promptly to all requests for help and advice, without obligation.

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