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When challenging your business rates, are you beating your head against a brick wall?

Are you one of the many businesses failing to get business rates relief?

Has your claim perhaps not received any response at all from the local authority?

To understand fully the subject of business rates, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the town hall bureaucrats.

Squeezed almost to death by central government , local authorities are desperate to raise revenue and minimise outgoings, wherever possible.

So naturally, town halls are no less reluctant to pay out substantial sums in backdated compensation for excessive rates, than you are keen to balance the books at a moment of incredibly difficult trading.

If your appeals for reduced rates bills are not successful. or if the sum awarded is suspiciously small, you may well need a specialist service to speed up and correctly challenge decisions by local bureaucrats.

Local government is hardly neutral in this matter, and is not required to help you in your appeals.

To put your claims on a firm footing , Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers to undertake a full historical trawl through your rates records, and to employ RICS - accredited surveyors , as well as their own experienced Personal Advisors, in examining every aspect of your firm's rateable liabilities.

CPA has often won substantial compensation for clients who were quite unaware of their entitlement to financial relief.

Contact CPA for a free, friendly professional consultation.

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