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What do you get from our service?

For us, transparency is key, so we decided to outline exactly what you get from CPA when you instruct us and why we’re worth it.

Data Analysis:

Firstly, we carry out preliminary research on your property. This includes a desktop analysis for any historical evidence we could use in order to secure you a rebate, as well as to highlight any immediate anomalies that could affect your rates if we were to go forward with an appeal.

Travel Costs:

Before you’ve decided to instruct CPA as your agent, we offer a free appointment with one of our consultants. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about your business rates cost, and uncover any aspects you may never have known you were overpaying on! It’s also important for us to combine our preliminary report with a physical risk assessment, to ensure there is a successful appeal to take on.


Once your appeal is underway, we’ll also send out one of our RICS regulated surveyors to inspect the property. Our professionals are well versed in the legal statute that often causes oversights in business rate bill calculations, and are your best chance at maximising your potential savings.

Account Management:

We pride ourselves on our customer care and service, so we ensure that every client is issued with their own dedicated account manager. They will be in contact with you regarding your case and can offer a speedy response to any of your questions.

Chasing local authorities:

As well as being a familiar voice throughout our service to you, account managers are responsible for ensuring your appeal is carried out as efficiently as possible. So, if the local authorities need more evidence for your appeal, your account manager will ensure it’s delivered immediately. It’s this quick responsive action that will ensure a successful appeal.

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