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What did YOU do in the (business rates ) holiday?

Welcome though it was, the £10 billion business rates holiday is coming to an end.

And the new rates levels are not encouraging: because of inflation, a CPI September increase of 0.5% means that business can expect an extra £160 million of tax next year.

And no details of the promised review of business rates have emerged, to cheer us up.

And remember: revenue from business rates is the lifeblood of public finance, locally and nationally.

So what should we do, during this holiday period?

The most effective and worry-free approach is to contact Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , specialists in winning rates reductions for a vast variety of clients, from manufacturing, through hospitality and retail, to office and warehousing.

CPA undertakes the entire administration of appeals to the Rating Authority, including surveys where necessary, leaving the client worry-free.

CPA has also found rates appeals to be good tactics, generally, since detailed investigations in compiling appeals often reveal inaccuracies in the original rates assessment.

CPA's no win no fee terms are transparent and competitive.

A simple phone call to CPA, for a free consultation , may well be the best thing you do, this holiday.

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