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The rapid growth of warehousing means business rates must be checked for accuracy

Today's motorists are sure to have noticed the dramatic change in the landscape, over a surprisingly short period of time.

Huge, Amazon-style warehouses are clear evidence of a logistics revolution, which has seen £25bn. of extra capital invested in the logistics market, in the last five years.

In order to capture the potential for business rates, the Valuation Office has been hard-pressed to keep up with its duty to maximise revenue. Inevitably, it has had to paint with a broad brush, and design quirks may well not have been taken into account when assessing rates liabilities.

CPA's no win no fee terms mean that warehouse operators have nothing to lose from a detailed (free) survey by RICS-accredited specialists, and the submission of an (also free) formal challenge to the VOA.

Potential benefits amount to thousands saved annually, not to mention possible rebates.

If you would like your property to be viewed with fresh eyes, by professionally experienced and trusted experts, contact CPA today for a free no obligation consultation.

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