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The high street must adapt to survive, in 2020.

As the rising number of store closures indicates, survival in the high street is not compulsory. 

But how many businesses know that changes in the design and nature of their business, for example, may qualify them for serious savings on their business rates?

Commercial Property Advisors is well aware that, in 2019, on-line retailing constitutes 20% of all trade, and represents more than half of growth in the market. Yet with the right product or service mix, there will always be a place for bricks and mortar businesses. Simply put, retailers need the time to concentrate on their strengths, free from the worries of controlling such overheads as business rates, which continue to rise regardless of turnover.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers a worry-free, professional package designed to challenge business rates, based on detailed survey work, and examination of physical changes in-store design and layout.

Successful appeals can win thousands in retrospective payments to clients, plus an enduring and less unrealistic rates base for the future.

CPA's team will respond promptly to all requests for advice, and undertakes to keep its clients apprised of all developments in their appeals.

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