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The future of the high street

According to the Daily Telegraph, the slow death of the high street may be exaggerated.

Of late, there has been significant growth in services such as tattooing and beauty, and specialist shops (such as delicatessens) which cannot be easily replicated on-line. We have all seen evidence of this changing pattern of shopping, together with a healthy rise in the number of restaurant and niche catering establishments.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) strongly recommends that businesses that are involved with changes in operations should seek an urgent re-appraisal of their business rates, to unlock potential savings of thousands in reduced bills, and a more realistic rates base for the future.

CPA's no obligation consultation is conducted by a professional team, experienced in the often obscure and arcane  (to the layperson) details of appeals to the VOA. Its success in winning rebates and re-rating stands at 80%.

With the high street in flux, now is a perfect time to examine in detail business rates demands, and CPA will respond promptly to all requests for help and advice.

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