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The endless increase in business rates

Business rates continue their inexorable rise, with an expected £137 million hike in the coming Budget.

This bears particularly heavily on the high street, since retail, while only 5% of the economy, contributes 25% of all business rates.

What to do? 

Before the stream of appeals against business rates becomes a flood, in the New Year, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) advises all firms paying business rates, whether industrial or retail, hospitality or hotels, to consult a specialist in rates reductions. 

CPA offers a no win no fee service, and its comprehensive package, from surveys to formal submission to the ratings authorities, means that clients have no worries about hidden costs or obligations buried in the small print. CPA's 80% success rate in winning appeals has secured thousands of -often unexpected- pounds in savings , besides establishing a more realistic rates base for the future.

CPA is small enough as a company to care about its clients, at every stage of the appeals process, and welcomes opportunities to keep its clients apprised of all developments.

For a no obligation consultation, contact CPA today.

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