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The coming business ratings round is shrouded in uncertainty

So much has changed in the world of business rates, because of temporary reliefs during the pandemic, that the Valuation Office has lost its bearings in a fog of confusion.

The obvious yardstick, that rates should be based on turnover, has always been rejected.

And Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that sales-based rates are less likely than ever, given that businesses have yet to return to pre-Covid levels, meaning that such taxes, although just, would mean lower revenue for the Treasury.

CPA are experienced in shining a searchlight through the mist of vagueness and mixed messages. Its team of surveyors and data experts are committed to challenging existing rates bills, and winning substantial rebates in advance of the coming rating revaluation . This is particularly important right now, as rates bills are arriving, and the tapered relief is disappearing.

CPA is dedicated to keeping rates bills as low as possible. It will press the authorities for early answers to appeals which are well-versed in employing winning arguments and relevant data.

Contact CPA for a free, no obligation consultation by one of our Personal Advisors.

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