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The business rates multiplier - a licence to print money- is frozen in the Autumn Budget. About time

CPA, business rates specialists, has consistently campaigned for the 'multiplier' to cease its punishment of struggling businesses.

The temporary freezing of the multiplier , at 51p in the pound, acknowledges the severe pressure to which the Treasury has been putting firms trying to cope with the devastation of the pandemic.

Rather than await further largesse from the Chancellor, CPA urges businesses to consider a formal challenge to their current valuation, with the prospect of sizable backdated rebates into the bargain.

CPA recognises the need for effective challenges to be forensically detailed, and supported by RICS-regulated data. Eager to avoid hidden costs for the client, CPA offers a transparent no win no fee service.

Whatever the nature of your business, you are invited to contact one of CPA's Personal Advisors , for a free no obligation consultation.

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