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Shuttered shops on the increase.

The shop vacancy rate in July 2019 stood at 10.3 %, confirming fears of a marked reduction in footfall. Undoubtedly, on-line sales are contributing to the crisis in traditional shopping, but persistently high business rates are a primary cause of high street gloom, not least because physical improvements  to shops can cruelly lead to an increase in rates. 

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that this is an ideal time for firms to challenge their rates bills, and can call on its experienced team to undertake all paperwork, including surveys, necessary for an appeal to the VOA. CPA's no win no fee service means there are no hidden charges for already hard-pressed traders.

With an estimated 69,000 firms queuing for rates reviews, there is no time to lose. All requests for advice and help will be responded to promptly  and efficiently.

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