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Should firms rely on government to reform business rates?

The Public Finance Newsletter eloquently reports on the confusion surrounding business rates.

 It is disingenuous for national and local government to acknowledge the pain caused by rates , while at the same time squabbling over who gets the bigger slice of revenue. Central government is reported to be increasing its take of business rates , in 2020-21, to 75% - hardly a positive sign that radical alternative taxation is seriously  being considered.

What should hard-pressed firms be doing in the mean-time?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) recommends all businesses to challenge their current rates bill, and, to this end, offers a no win no fee service which takes care of all online documentation, including surveys. 

Serious, well-researched re-appraisals of businesses have resulted in savings of thousands , often to the (pleasant) surprise of CPA's growing list of satisfied clients.

CPA looks forward to responding to all request for help and advice, and promises to keep clients apprised of all developments in the appeals process, as they occur.

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