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Retailing in 2020. is "cautiously optimistic" that 2020 will see revived growth in the retail sector. It concurs with KPMG's forecast of a 1% uplift in the New Year, and with HSBC UK's view that relative political stability will produce a rebound in consumer confidence.

However, trading conditions will remain tough, with many firms seeking rent reviews.

Unmentioned, as Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) points out, is the urgent need for businesses to have their business rates re-examined since this is an area where major savings can be made.

CPA recommends a review by experienced specialists, well-versed in the complexities of paperwork and surveys.

CPA's no win no fee services, and competitive terms, together with its 80% success rate in challenging rates, has made it the go-to company for businesses which may well not realise their entitlement to sizeable rebates and favourable re-assessment. 

Consultation is free and without obligation, and CPA looks forward to dealing promptly with all requests for help and advice. 

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