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Re-design of the High Street an opportunity for business rates reductions

Sharon Lewis, Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, is proposing radical moves to convert all or part of many iconic stores into office and residential space.

If retail giants are re-purposing their properties , it is certain that other industrial and commercial units, the length and breadth of the UK, are thinking similarly.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges businesses not to overlook the potential for reduced business rates that redesign offers.

CPA is currently enjoying success in winning rates reductions for a diverse range of clients, from the high street to the trading estate. Furthermore, its exhaustive examination of clients' actual trading circumstances have revealed errors in the VOA's original appraisal of their properties.

Business rates are, after all, a broad brush, which may well overlook  important features of business properties, particularly at this moment of profound change.

Contact CPA for a no obligation  professional consultation. Subsequent appeals to the Valuation Authority are taken care of by CPA, including free surveys, on a no win no fee basis.

Some of CPA's happiest clients have recently proved to be those who did not expect to make substantial rebated savings, along with  favourable revaluations.

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