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Pubs, hotels and restaurants should have business rates health-check, without delay.

Business rates continue their inexorable rise, despite the toughest trading conditions in living memory.

Overall, in the Year, the retail sector faces a rise of £137 million, of which pubs will see an increase of £13million; restaurants £9.71million; hotels £14.41million; offices £127million; and factories £70million.

In all these areas, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA)  has a sound track record of winning rates reductions, running into thousands for their clients.

There never was a better time to challenge rates demands, before the queue for appeals becomes impossibly long. CPA's no win no fee service, undertaken by professional specialists, and including free surveys where necessary, offers a rare sign of hope, and firms risk nothing in contacting CPA, for a no-obligation consultation. Challenging rates demands offers the soundest prospect of beating inflationary increases.

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