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Pubs and clubs are being ripped off by business rates

The Morning Advertiser argues powerfully that pubs and clubs are paying far too much in business rates

While accounting for 10% of the total business rates bill, the hospitality sector contributes a mere 3% of economic activity. Pubs represent 0.5% of total rateable turnover, but pay 2.8% of total business rates.

A new UK government has been asked to consider the plight of the hospitality industry as an urgent priority, and talk of an early election may well bring forward action on rate relief.

However, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges pubs and clubs not merely to wait for government help,  but to seek an immediate re-appraisal of their existing rates bills. 

CPA offers a no win no fee service, relieving clients of all worries. 

CPA prides itself on being swift off the blocks, in replying to all requests for help and advice, and, having undertaken all online administration of the appeal, including surveys where necessary, keeps clients fully in the picture at every stage of the process.

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