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Owners of change-of-use premises: have you had your business rates re-assessed?

The high street is changing: data from over 100 councils nationwide indicates that two-thirds of change of use applications involve moves to restaurants, takeaways , or offices. There are three times as many applications to convert a building into a restaurant than to convert a restaurant to a different use.

If your business has recently changed, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) recommends that you explore the possibility of a business rates reduction.

CPA's no commitment , professional consultation , based on experience of a wide variety of establishments, will look into the nooks and crannies of a complex appeals process, and includes free surveys, where necessary.

CPA believes that controlling ever-rising rates demands can prove a life-saver, in the all-important early months of a re-modelled enterprise, and its 80% success rate in winning appeals to the VOA speaks for itself.

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