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On the journey to revaluation of business rates, "expect long queues ahead"

Did you know that there are currently 2,120,000 separate rating valuations in the UK?

This will give you some idea of the Herculean task facing the Valuation Office (VO), as it prepares for the next ratings round.

Additionally, the VO has been subject to serious government cutbacks, worsening its already heavy workload.

Even if "remote" valuation tribunals are extended, we can still expect serious delays in claims for re-assessment.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in negotiating rates reductions for a wide range of clients, advises businesses to contact them for an immediate appeal against their rates bills, before the stream of challenges to the VO (inevitable given the 2m-plus assessments) becomes a flood.

CPA offers a free consultation on a no obligation basis, and undertakes to complete all the complex paperwork of an appeal, including free surveys wherever appropriate. CPA's competitive charges are based solely on successful outcomes.

In a climate of unprecedented change, caused by recent lockdowns, CPA continues to win appeals- and sizable compensation- for a wide range of clients, drawn from every area of commercial enterprise.

CPA welcomes the opportunity to put its expertise at your disposal, and achieve substantial savings, as well as a realistic base for the next ratings cycle.

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