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No quick fix for business rates

With retail contributing £8bn annually to the Government, and on line firms like Amazon escaping this swingeing level of taxation, it is impossible to argue that online businesses should be paying more to the Exchequer.

However, in the absence of any official commitment to reduce high street business rates, any increases in online tax would merely result in more pain for the public, as the Amazons of this world pass on additional costs to the poor consumer, and no relief  arrives for high street businesses, from food to clubs and pubs.

Also, proposals that local authorities set their own business rates seem woolly, and unlikely to cure retailers' ills, in the near future.

Is there anything retailers may quickly do, to decrease their bills?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that all high street firms should be acting right now to have their business rates formally re-assessed. 

Changes in store layout and product range are just two of many areas which can lead to successful rates appeals, and save thousands in annual bills.

CPA undertakes to complete all appeals paperwork, including surveys where appropriate, on a no win no fee basis, saving clients all worries. Further, CPA will keep its clients apprised of all appeals developments , as they arise.

CPA's growing list of successful appeals- its success rate is around 80% currently- is testimony to its commitment to saving the UK high street.

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