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Logistics management and warehousing - have you forgotten about your business rates?

In the modern world of warehousing, there is so much to attend to, from shelving and rack systems, to climate control, software for inventory control, forklifts, "pickers" and cost-effective transportation.

But have you considered whether you are paying too much in business rates?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) can offer specialist help to warehouse managers who would like to assess their eligibility for rates reduction, under the Check Challenge and Appeal system.

CPA's RICS-regulated surveyors are expert in compiling evidence-based challenges to rateable valuations of warehouses , which can lead to considerable cash savings for clients.

Non-domestic rates are a major expense, and are unlikely to cease their remorseless rise . Moreover, criteria for successful challenges are becoming ever-more complex.

CPA offers a free professional consultation, and its submissions to the rating authority are also free, its competitive commission only payable after savings are safely banked by the client.

For a transparent and risk-free service, which could prove highly profitable, contact CPA without delay.

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