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Local government re-organisation could adversely affect prompt resolution of business rates

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , specialists in business rates reductions, has long complained about delays in the appeals process.

Now, this is set to be compounded if , as in other parts of the UK, local government is re-organised in England.

The logic of streamlining local services into unitary authorities is self-evident, as central government looks to reduce costs as a top priority.

Yet the "gestation" process is bound to bring about delays for those businesses appealing their rates, as new systems and territorial responsibilities bed in.

CPA urges all enterprises considering appealing their present rates bills, to contact them for a free consultation.

CPA undertakes a free no win no fee service to clients, with all paperwork, including surveys, taken care of. 

As lockdown eases, firms are anxious to save every penny, and the thousands available in rebates, together with less punitive rating valuation for the future, make formal appeals more urgent than ever.

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