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Life sciences labs: have you put your business rates under the microscope?

As the dramatic progress of life sciences gathers pace, it is easy to overlook any significant increases in business rates.

An indication of the potential of this futuristic world is that there is an estimated facilities deficit of one million square feet in Cambridge alone. The traditional research and development centres of Oxford, Cambridge, and London are being joined by lab sites in Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Growth really takes off when "incubator groups" based in universities move out into the world of high-tech production.

In this dynamic atmosphere, it is all too easy to forget that business rates may also have been quietly increasing, unchecked and potentially putting a brake on investment.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), consultants in business rates, offer to control business rates by conducting a RICS-regulated assessment of laboratories and production facilities, employing sophisticated data to assess the fair level of rates liability.

If the client agrees that a formal challenge to the rating authority is appropriate, CPA will undertake a free formal report, on a no win, no fee basis. Success can prove highly profitable.

To maximise your investments in the science-based world of the very near future, contact CPA for further help and advice.

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