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Is your business undergoing conversion or refurbishment? Check your business rates bill.

As we emerge from the pandemic, great physical changes have taken place in the commercial landscape.

For the factory, new methods of production, new product lines, and warehousing of raw materials and finished goods, have led to a re-design of floor-space.

For the retailer, often faced with surplus space, upper storeys may be undergoing conversion to residential units.

For the hospitality provider, Covid restrictions may well have reduced the space available for public entertainment.

All these, and many more, matters should be placed under the professional scrutiny of a business rates expert, to assess their suitability for grounds to appeal your non-domestic rates bill.

For a free no obligation consultation, contact Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) . Its transparent and surveyor-based advice will help you to decide whether to proceed to a formal challenge and appeal of your rates, saving you thousands in the process, as well as placing your rates on a more realistic footing for the future. Your case will be taken care of by a Personal Advisor who will deal with your case throughout any appeals process, and whose forensic attention to detail should ensure that there is no unnecessary delay in presenting your claim to the billing authority and the VOA.

Since CPA's modest commission is only chargeable after a successful outcome, you have nothing to worry about , beyond contacting them for further information and advice.

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