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Is your business suffering because of a nearby major store closure?

Are your sales figures down, because of reduced footfall, as the high street witnesses the closure of major stores?

As the UK emerges from lockdown, the high street reveals pockets of quiet, where formerly there was hustle and bustle.

To add to the general gloom, the burden of business rates continues to weigh heavily : relief is clearly tapering away, with bills resuming in the second half of this year.

And there's no doubt that 100% rates bills will hit our doormats within a short time.

For an effective challenge of your rates, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers a stress-free, modestly priced survey on a no win no fee basis, including on-site assessments, where appropriate, by professionally-qualified surveyors.

CPA offers a free consultation to businesses hopefully leading to a favourable re-appraisal of their rates bill,before the coming government review, which is certain to extract maximum revenue from its number one cash-cow.

CPA is experienced in persuading local authorities to re-think the circumstances of businesses suffering from turnover adversely affected by the pandemic.

CPA's team of personal advisors is skilled in eliciting speedy responses from authorities notorious for sitting on firms' money for as long as possible, delaying and spinning out serious responses to your genuine financial problems.

Worse still, authorities' calculations may be wrong, leaving you short-changed, in ways not always apparent to the layperson.

CPA looks forward to hearing from all businesses which are experiencing high overheads and turnover which is only slowly recovering from the effects of shuttered national stores.

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