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Independent retailers' prospects for 2020 are good-providing them check their business rates.

Traditional shopping trends indicate a distinct move away from corporate products, under pressure from the internet, while busy high streets invariably boast a diverse array of innovative, often quirky, independent stores.

It is the unusual retail offer, whether in gifts or catering, which is likely to catch the eye of the busy shopper who, research suggests, is typically spending only 26 minutes per visit, having researched his/her purchases online in advance.

Last year, licensed premises and even independent bookshops, showed signs of recovery, as footfall went in search of experience, rather than corporate sameness.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges independent businesses not to omit to examine the high cost of their business rates when preparing for a new trading year. Successful appeals can result in savings of thousands, besides placing rates bills on a sounder footing for the future.

CPA's no worry, no win no fee service, including free surveys, relieves clients of the burden of paperwork, and, with a successful appeals rate of 80%, offers the real prospect of clients converting unwelcome overheads into a healthy investment for the future.

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