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In future, business rates relief will be granted only on application, not through "holidays"

The Government is counting the extra cost (estimated at between £1-2 bn) of awarding blanket rates "holidays" to businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.

The alacrity with which our leading retailers returned business rates savings to the Treasury demonstrates clearly how cack-handed this measure really was.

In future, predicts Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in winning non-domestic rates reductions for a wide range of clients, it will be necessary for businesses themselves to make out a formal case for lower bills, if they are to have any hope of easing their rates burdens.

In this new post-pandemic climate ,CPA is keen to undertake the increased appeals paperwork, and the need for professional surveys, on a no win no fee basis, thereby freeing business to pursue its own areas of expertise, unimpeded by officialdom.

Also, the prospect of more frequent rates reviews means that it is vital to have the burden of rates shared by experts in the field.

CPA has experience of unearthing historical anomalies in the calculation of rates, leading to substantial backdated compensation for its clients, as well as more realistic rating for the future.

CPA's commission is competitive, and its commercial success depends entirely on winning savings for its clients.

Contact CPA today, for a free no obligation consultation.

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