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How do I control my business rates bill?

It is easy to criticise business rates: they do not reflect sales, and may well be based on out-dated property values.

But we should not forget that government, despite occasional hand-wringing, regards non-domestic rates as a valuable cash cow, generating 4.5% of the entire national tax take, raising £29bn annually, for cash-starved local and national government services. 1.8 million businesses are liable for the tax, rather like sitting ducks in their immovable properties.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is realistic in its assessment that, although the Chancellor occasionally re-shuffles the business rates pack, wholesale removal of this tax is not on the horizon. Rather, firms seeking reduced overheads should contact CPA for a worry-free, no win no fee service, which has seen 80% success in its rates appeals.

CPA's team of enthusiastic professionals will respond promptly to all requests for help and advice, and undertake to keep their clients apprised of all developments in the appeals process.

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