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HMV owner is right about business rates

A happy one hundred birthday to HMV, from Commercial Property Advisors (CPA).

New owner Doug Putnam is to be applauded for his determination to "add value" to his retail offer, not least by booking Ed Sheeran to sing at the redeveloped Coventry Empire venue, free of charge for 700 people.

His search for a new flagship store in London is not helped by business rates failing to reflect rents.

At a moment when change to rates is more talked-about than acted upon, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers businesses a risk-free opportunity to challenge their stubbornly high rates.

Initial consultations are free, as is the compilation of a detailed RICS- based survey of premises, and submission of a formal appeal to the relevant authority, all savings being passed to the client before agreed commission is taken.

Whether your business is in the high street, like HMV, or based in a factory unit or warehouse, CPA urges firms to consider the chance of emerging from the pandemic with a fresh challenge to high rates, saving thousands of pounds in the process.

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