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Have you been refused empty property relief?

Mr David Tanswell, Managing Director of Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), has a personal message to all UK businesses which have unsuccessfully tried to obtain empty property relief on their rates:

"I have great sympathy for those firms which, in line with Government guidelines, have closed their premises, and are working from home - only to find that they have to continue to pay business rates.

"CPA's clients report a range of reasons for refusal  cited by local authorities, including:

'Your business is not on the high street;

'You do not fit our definitions of retail, hospitality, or leisure;

'Your premises, although empty of staff, are still storing office furniture. '

" This rigid interpretation of historical guidelines may not be the last word, and I am willing to champion your right to rates relief. A free consultation, without obligation, could well result in CPA taking on your case, dealing with all the necessary documentation on a no win no fee basis.

"I share your desire to keep business alive in these difficult times.On your survival depends the future of companies like CPA.

"Good luck to all of you. 

You do not struggle alone." 

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