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From Bristol to Birmingham, Manchester to Penzance, business rates need urgent re-assessment.

The big take-away message from the Guardian is that  the recent changes in the high street, although scant consolation for the one in 12 shops shuttered in the last five years, are not entirely bleak.

New trends in shopping, from hair and beauty to vaping, reveal innovative ways of surviving in the marketplace, Perhaps the key is that certain highly personal services cannot be offered on-line.

But what if business rates fail to reflect these changes in retail?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believe that NOW is  the time for retailers and restaurateurs to have their rates re-assessed by their professional team, on a worry-free, no win no fee basis.

CPA is proud of its success rate in saving thousands for businesses which have recently re-designed their appeal to high street shoppers.

Business rates are easily overlooked , as a source of cost savings, and need to reflect modern trading circumstances.

CPA staff will readily respond to all requests for assistance.

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