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Don't be in the back of the queue, when it comes to appeals against high business rates.

It is surprising to learn that there have been more business rates appeals in the last six months, than in the previous three years.

What does this mean, for firms wondering whether their changed circumstances, post-lockdown, qualify them for rates relief?

First, before you make your move, TAKE ADVICE.

Consult professionally experienced , well-regarded firms like Commercial Property Services, who offer a free no obligation consultation.

Second, check that all appeals paperwork will be transacted by the specialist you engage, to include surveys, where appropriate.

Third, engage the rates specialist on a no win no fee basis.

Finally, check that the (agreed) commission rates contain no hidden extras.

Commercial Property Services will be delighted to offer a professional consultation to businesses of all kinds, from manufacturing to office and commercial, and retail.

This could well be the first step to winning thousands in rebates (and doesn't even include the prospect of a rates audit throwing up long-standing anomalies and inaccuracies).

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