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Do you supply retail, hospitality and leisure businesses, but have missed out on rates relief?

Retail, hospitality and leisure businesses will enjoy considerable rates support until at least 31 March 2022. If you are a supplier to these firms, do you feel aggrieved that, so far, you have not had a penny in government aid?

And have the latest restrictions on "Material change in circumstances" scuppered your hopes for reduced bills?

If so,discuss your case with Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), who are currently enjoying success in winning substantial sums in lower rates for their clients.

CPA offers a free no obligation consultation with an Advisor who, if engaged by you, will be personally assigned to your case, completing all necessary paperwork and engaging surveyors, where appropriate.

CPA offers a fast, efficient service, designed to avoid the inevitable queues for VOA support.

Having your own Advisor means that you will be kept abreast of all developments in your appeal, the moment they happen.

As your business gears up for the easing of lockdown, you need all the time available to deal with your clients.

Let CPA take care of all details in your appeals for much-needed financial relief.

Our no win no fee service ensures that you have nothing to lose, in making contact with us today.

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