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Do you need free no obligation advice and help on how to cope with the return of business rates?

As you read this piece, UK firms are receiving their business rates bills, after a period of holidays and various reliefs.

  • Is your business among those struggling to survive the effects of pandemic?

  • Is the return of non-domestic rates, effective at the end of June, 2021, posing real worries for the future of your business?

  • Would you welcome the offer of free, factual advice , from an experienced advisor, on how to appeal your bills?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is happy to help resolve the inevitable confusion caused by the return of your rates bill, on a free, no obligation basis.

If it appears that you have a case for appealing your rates, CPA offers the expertise of a Personal Advisor, who will steer your case from initial surveys to presentation to the relevant authority?

It has been estimated that current rates arrears amount to £2.49bn, and are set to rise as a result of inevitable confusion over firms' commercial obligations to HMRC.

For a helping hand, contact CPA without delay. Your understandable worries may well be eased, as a result.

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