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Do you know how to claim 66% business rates relief?

Do you realise that, to claim your entitlement for two-thirds business rates relief, you are responsible for completing all paperwork required by your local authority?

Experience tells us that:

-the required documentation will be complex and time-consuming;


-delays in processing claims will be inevitable.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA),specialists in winning reduced non-domestic rates for its clients, offers free no obligation advice and help to businesses whose fortunes crucially depend on getting claims right first time.

CPA is well-versed in employing correct and persuasive language necessary for successful claims. Its established relations with local authorities help to cut through the red tape of town hall bureaucracy, and avoid delays in granting financial relief.

CPA wishes all businesses well in negotiations, and stands ready to help in any way possible, so that your economic survival, post-pandemic, is guaranteed.

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