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Cut your electricity, gas and water bills before the New Year hike hits.

Both as householders and business owners, we all dread the thought of paying for the imminent huge rise in our utility bills.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , specialists in winning business rates reductions for a diverse range of national clients, has teamed up with a company providing Smart Energy Solutions through a clever combination of the latest technology and innovation.

Step One: Our partner conducts a comprehensive survey of your sites and utility billing - free of charge.

Step Two: Our partner gives you a detailed report of where energy cots can be reduced, including bespoke quotes from all energy suppliers, with recommendations of best value.

Step Three: If the latest hardware is recommended, the client will own it, adding value to the properties concerned. The hardware pays for itself over the course of the new contract, at 0% interest, and may well improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), further adding value to the property.

There are no consultancy fee, as our partner receives royalty from the new energy suppliers.

CPA welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case in further detail, via a free no obligation telephone discussion.

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