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Council Taxpayers cannot bear the costs of reforming business rates.

High business rates cannot be reduced by increasing council tax .

The Local Government Chronicle is correct to point out that council tax is regressive - hence unjust-  in many cases: for example, the single person's discount takes no account of ability to pay, and the bands A-H are in need of reform and updating, to reflect modern property values.

These defects are inevitable in  a tax which was originally a quick fix to replace the much-loathed "Poll Tax."

However, it is  naive of local government to believe that council taxpayers can continue to bear further pressure from an annually-increasing bill, for annually- diminishing services.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that claims that the end, or even radical reform, of business rates is nigh, are premature.

A more practical step, which could result in savings of thousands for hard - pressed firms, lies in an effective challenge of their current rates bills.

To this end, CPA offers a worry free, no win no fee service, with a success rate of some 80%.

CPA's young team of enthusiastic professionals looks forward to responding promptly to all requests for advice and help.

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