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Coronavirus can transform how we source our goods

Looking for a silver lining, in the midst of the threat of the coronavirus outbreak becoming a global pandemic, may seem a tall order. However, it is worth quoting from a recent BBC report, that " the virus has laid bare how exposed global trade is to a sudden shock as supply lines have been interrupted".

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) adds that UK firms have quietly been catching up with the production techniques of China, and increasingly compete on low cots, besides offering quicker delivery times, and a more creative rapport between suppliers and sellers.

This boost to domestic production chimes well with the increasing emphasis in the high street on "buying local", and a marked move away from the standard corporate image, to innovative, "experiential" stores.

2020 may thus prove to be far from the retail apocalypse some have predicted, but rather a positive re-adjustment to unforeseen global challenges.

Call us if you think that coronavirus could affect your business.

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