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Continuing uncertainty over business rates

The Daily Mail, cheerleader for Boris Johnson, and self-appointed champion of the high street,announces a major speech on the economy by the would-be PM.

However, detail on business rates , beyond promising a "major review" in the next parliament, is conspicuously lacking.

UK firms should not rely on the prospect of radical reform of business rates, which are an important and relatively easy to manage cash cow worth £60 billion annually to the Exchequer. This is no time for the Tories to be fiscally radical, given the evident need for economic stability during Brexit negotiations.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) considers that the best way to relieve the burden of business rates is for firms to have their bills challenged by carefully-constructed appeals.

CPA's  team of experienced professionals, including surveyors, currently enjoys an 80% success rate in winning appeals, often based on criteria, such as physical trading space, which their clients had no idea would qualify them for substantial savings for the future, and rebates dating back to their last evaluation.

With its no win no fee service, CPA removes worry from their clients' shoulders,and certainly offers more reliable prospects than any number of pre-election political promises.

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