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Charity shops are not the only outlets to benefit from lower business rates

Charity shops benefit from a reduction in their business rates bill of at least 80%. While not claiming that other enterprises can enjoy similar windfalls, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) nevertheless advises businesses to seriously consider having their rates re-assessed by specialists like themselves.

CPA's 80% success rate in winning backdated compensation for its diverse range of clients, from industrial units to traditional retail and services, together with the lengthening queue of appeals nationally, means that now is the very best time to consult it for help and advice. With its no win no fee service, CPA relieves its clients of all worries regarding surveys and the correct approach to the complex process of form-filling and deadlines.

CPA welcomes the opportunity to talk with clients at every stage of the appeal and is proud of its customer-first, friendly and professional reputation. CPA's continuing success depends absolutely on satisfying its clients.

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