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Can businesses bank on government to resolve the problem of business rates?

Imagine the competing requirements of government and business as a game of tennis:

Shopkeepers deliver a fine opening serve, with a demand for annual revaluations, to reflect accurately swiftly-changing economic circumstances-

Government responds by proposing three-year revaluation periods-

Businesses respond with a demand for the extension for rates relief-

Government reacts with a rates relief taper from 100% to 66%, capping the scheme at £2m-

Businesses, clearly feeling the pressure, hope for bad light-

Government moves in for the kill, requiring the VOA to instruct businesses to provide detailed information annually, vastly increasing paperwork-

RESULT: game, set and match to government.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges firms emerging from the business rates holiday to consult them for a free consultation, which could lead to a successful challenge to their rates bills, based on sophisticated data, surveyors' evidence-based reports, and the dedicated services of a Personal Advisor.

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