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Calling all hotel operators!

As you navigate the turbulence of these unprecedented times and endeavour to regain lost customer base, why not venture into new opportunities and territories with the aid of Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) to mitigate your business rates?

The protracted COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the conventional function of hotels, morphing them into essential business environments for myriad clients, while unfortunately, numerous local and international guests remained confined to their residences.

A cursory look through any commercial publication exposes the fierce competition to recapture commercial and leisure travellers, both domestic and overseas. Moreover, the trend of repurposing hotels into student accommodation, aparthotels, and serviced apartments is swiftly becoming the new standard.

In the midst of this whirlwind transformation, let's not overlook the potential favourable impacts on that age-old financial thorn in the side - business rates.

CPA offers, at no cost or obligation to our clients, an evaluation of a fair and realistic rateable value for your property. If discrepancies arise between a reasonable charge and actual bill costs, CPA's team of RICS-regulated surveyors will prepare and lodge an appeal to the billing authority, again at no cost to you.

Keep the rein on costs while the evolution in hotel space continues at lightning speed, contact CPA for further help and advice.

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