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Business rates: Treasury makes its position clear

Last year, responding to a Select Committee's request for information, the Treasury made clear its refusal to replace or radically overhaul business rates in the UK.

This easy to collect, hard to avoid and stable tax on bricks and mortar is worth billions annually to the Treasury, and perhaps has the potential to replace government grants to  local government entirely.

Since 2018, we have seen various measures to rejuvenate the high street, but retailers clearly have to look to themselves for solutions to the current slump in sales and footfall.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) welcomes retailers' efforts to diversify, and modernise presentation of their products and services, and offers the incentive of business rates reductions, via professional (and widely successful) appeals to the VOA.

CPA undertakes all paperwork, including surveys where necessary on a no win no fee basis, thus relieving its clients of any worries. Further, it keeps its clients up to date with developments  at every stage of the appeals process.

Retailers, service providers and hotel and hospitality businesses are urged to contact CPA for help and advice - which could well lead to savings of thousands.

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