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Business rates are a brake on innovation

Essential Retail rightly reports that high business rates are frustrating retailers' desire for innovation and change. Current rates, at 50.4p in the pound, mean that shops must pay over half of their rateable value again, before a single penny is rung up on their tills. And further rises may be on the horizon, as central and local government, despite their crocodile tears, come to rely on the high street as a soft target, and a vital source of revenue.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that rates should accurately reflect the current trading position of stores, pubs and restaurants, since physical changes, for example, can often lead to a reduced rates bill, saving thousands in the process.

Firms have nothing to lose in challenging their rates bills, since CPA operates on a no win no fee basis, and undertakes all on-line form filling, including surveys where necessary. 

CPA's success rate in winning appeals is testament to the enthusiasm of its young, professional and experienced team, who will reply promptly to all requests for advice and help.

Nor are clients forgotten after an appeal has been lodged, since they are kept informed of all developments in the process.

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