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Business rates and change of use.

The pandemic has forced many enterprises, whether retail, commercial or industrial, to change their physical operations.

Unless a detailed appeal is made out, the rating authority will continue to demand full business rates.

And appeals will fail, unless presented in a forensically detailed format, supported by RICS-regulated surveyors where appropriate.

CPA offers a free advice service, to consider your case for mitigating rates during redevelopment of your premises, and a detailed appraisal of your liability for business rates in the future. Savings can be substantial, CPA undertakes all aspects of the appeals process, free of charge, thus relieving its clients of all worries.

CPA's competitive commission rates, transparent and agreed in advance, are only payable once savings have been successfully achieved.

Given that the VOA is always happy to levy rates, but unfailingly declines to offer rebates unprompted, it makes sense to contact CPA for a free consultation, help and professional advice.

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