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Business ideas for a post-Brexit Britain

The business blog has produced a lively article on ideas for a post-Brexit world.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect is is its prediction that "homegrown solutions" will take priority over "imported products and services." Wisely, the article links this with the challenge of climate change, which will oblige consumers to think local, rather than global. They will also feel more connected to local companies they deal with.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that one vital element missing in this excellent prescription for adapting to post-Brexit commerce is the need for all firms to re-appraise their business rates. 

As governments work to negotiate trading terms internationally, 2020 provides an ideal time for businesses to consider appealing their notoriously high rates. Commercial Property Services (CPA) offers an attractive no win no fee model , including free surveys and all complex paperwork required by the Valuation Office Authority. 

CPA's specialist experience has produced an 80% success rater in winning considerable rebates, and a more realistic rates base for its clients.

CPA keeps its clients informed of all developments in the appeals process, and will respond promptly to all requests for help and advice.

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