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Brexit means time to take stock of high business rates

The British Retail Consortium reports that May of this year saw a six-year low in footfall in our high streets, with the south west particularly badly hit. 

This was due in part to  inclement weather, but also to uncertainty about Brexit, which seems to be never off the front page.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA)  recognises that now is the perfect time to tighten all unnecessary expenditure, the number one priority being the soaring costs of business rates.

With its worry free, no win no fee service, and its growing list of satisfied clients, CPA undertakes all the complex paperwork, including surveys, involved in challenging rates bills. 

CPA strives to bring business rates more in line with turnover than out-dated property calculations, and includes in its challenges  such factors as external impediments like roadworks, or internal design changes.

Brexit may be unavoidable, but high non-domestic rates certainly aren't.

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