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Boris Johnson's plans for business rates

Boris Johnson is scheduled to make a major announcement on business rates, in an attempt to shore up support in the City.

Yet it is almost certain that a Tory government would not dismantle business rates, but rather tinker around the margins, perhaps offering discounts for businesses with a high research and development quotient, and those smaller in size, which are struggling to maintain a presence in the high street.

Having pledged to increase spending in such areas as the NHS, the Tories are not likely to abandon business rates, which net them £30 billion annually.

Currently, the economy is suffering from paralysis, because of the general election. But this should not deter firms from trying to reduce their business rates. Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers a no-risk service to companies, which often have no idea that recent changes to their businesses, such as physical modifications to their trading space, can qualify for substantial rates relief. 

With an 80% success rate in winning rates appeals, on a no win no fee basis, CPA can fairly claim to be helping firms survive in these unprecedentedly tricky times.

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